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Construction Contract Payment Disputes: When You Might Need to Bring an Attorney In

Even with a well drafted and detailed contract, a construction payment dispute can occur. Often times, once the construction project is complete, it can be tough to get payment on time or even payment at all. When you are unable to resolve a construction contract payment dispute, you might need ...

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When You Do (and Don’t) Need a Car Accident Lawyer

We’ve all seen ads, billboards, and even park benches encouraging people to call if they need a lawyer. But figuring out the whole “need” thing can be way easier said than done. It’s especially confusing if you were just involved in something potentially traumatic like a car accident. Not surprisingly, ...

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Make Use of your Compensation Rights When You Get Injured at Work

Accidents and mishaps are inevitable. They can take place at any place and time.  If you do get injured at work, then you can make use of your compensation rights. Every company provides its employees with compensation benefits which can be utilized as and when required. Know Your Rights Different ...

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Important Features of a legal billing software

There are many legal invoicing software sites that confuse you with the lists of their highlights, and making it hard to tell what is imperative and so forth. Significantly all the more stressing is the possibility that you may later understand the product you have picked is devoid of the ...

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Sample Questions for Bar Exam Prep

Bar Exam Prep helps in building organizational, analytical and writing skills of a student. These skills are then used for enhancing ability of students during their years in law school. Bar Exam Prep helps in preparing better for any bar exam. Let’s view a question which will test your Bar ...

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