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A Quick Overview Of Lawyer Referral Services: Find The Right Lawyer!

Regardless of whether you have been charged with a criminal offence or need help while facing divorce, getting right legal counsel at the right time makes a big different. Most people still choose to rely on friends, colleagues and family members for finding local lawyers. However, competence and expertise are things you seek, it is wise to look genuine recommendations from the experts. This is exactly where a lawyer referral service comes in the picture. As the name indicates, such services allow one to find the best lawyers in Edmonton by referral. How does this work? Here’s a look at the basic things you need to know.

What’s a lawyer referral service?

The role of a lawyer referral service is to connect clients to prospective and competent lawyers. Most of these services have a distinct network of lawyers, and as and when people look for names, they do the required background check, search and offer a list of lawyers, who are available, as well as, ideal for the given case.

Isn’t the internet enough?

Most of us are used to getting information on Google, so it may seem weird to consider a lawyer referral service in the first place. It is important to understand law firms do their best to promote their office, and as a result, every lawyer is apparently the best in the city. Of course, you cannot rely on just claims, and the biggest mistake is to select the first lawyer one comes across. With referral services, you can be assured of getting dedicated help.

Before selecting a lawyer

While referral services are certainly handy in selecting between top divorce lawyers in Edmonton, Alberta, it is also necessary that you do own homework. Referral services usually do the basic research, and best ones are pretty good at doing the background check. Also, the reputation of the concerned service is at stake, which is also why they only include lawyers in their network that they truly rely on. With that said, it is important that you talk to the shortlisted lawyers in person, so as to discuss things further. Some lawyers may have a price for the initial consultation, but that again, is worth paying.


Final word

A good lawyer is like an asset for your case, and it only makes sense that you consider all the relevant aspects before selecting one. Referral services have helped numerous people over the years, and you can expect to find a lawyer in no time. Not all services are the same, so do some initial research. Most of these would want you to fill up a form, where you need to share the particulars of your case, and they will get back with a list that’s very specific to your case. With help for legal counsel, you can focus better on the facts and aspects that matter, instead of running pillar to post for finding a lawyer.

Check online right away to find the best legal referral services in your city.

Author Bio – Alex Campbell is a writer focusing on Canadian law and the legal profession. He has been studying law in Canada for the past twenty years.  

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