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Construction Contract Payment Disputes: When You Might Need to Bring an Attorney In

Even with a well drafted and detailed contract, a construction payment dispute can occur. Often times, once the construction project is complete, it can be tough to get payment on time or even payment at all. When you are unable to resolve a construction contract payment dispute, you might need to bring in a skilled and experienced construction law attorney.


There are several different types of disputes that can arise from a construction contract. The most common is not getting paid.Construction contract payment disputes happen all the time despite clear contracts in place. Many times, payment will not be made in full or not be made on time or even at all. This is when a dispute occurs.

Resolving Disputes

You can try to resolve the dispute on your own by threatening to take the dispute legal. Sometimes this forces payment, but other times it doesn’t do anything. If you have remained unpaid, you can file a construction lien. If you are involved in a public works project and haven’t been paid, you will need to make a government claim to move forward.

A construction lien, also known as a mechanic’s lien, is a claim made by a contractor that hasn’t receive payment yet after their work on a construction project.

Statute of Limitations

Each state has their own law when it comes to resolving disputes over construction contracts and payments. Every state also has their own statute of limitations. Of course, details like the type of dispute will factor in, but each state usually has their own law when it comes to how long you have to file a lawsuit, especially over payment disputes.

State of Arizona

In the sunny state of Arizona, you only have 6 years to dispute a contract and this starts when the project is finished and you haven’t received payment in the timeframe that was included in your construction contract.

MKC Law Firm

If you have been caught in a construction contract dispute, the knowledgeable team at MKC Law Firm can help. Our skilled and experienced Phoenix construction law attorneys can assist you during any construction contract disputes, offering the advice and legal representation you need.

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