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Discover Your Rights with the Best Experts in Prospective Marriage Visas and Immigration Law in Australia

There is nothing more sacrosanct than the institution of marriage, and nothing more beautiful than the ideas which it embodies at its very best. It is therefore of the utmost importance to make sure that the love that exists between yourself and your partner is not torn apart by national boundaries. With everything from the internet to lower travel prices to a globalised economy, we enjoy an incredible degree of freedom in terms of our greater ability to travel and meet people from around the world. As a result, the amount of international romances has skyrocketed, and with them, the need to sort out prospective marriage visa applications. If your prospective partner lives outside of Australia, they may well require assistance gaining entrance into the country, and you may require assistance from a qualified migration and visa attorney.

So, are you eligible for a prospective marriage visa? You’ll be able to get the answer to that and much more with the help of the best immigration and visa attorneys in Australia.

Assessing Your Status

First and foremost, you’re going to want to see where you stand with respect to your visa status. Given the greater deal of mobility and the byzantine nature of visa and immigration policies, it can often be difficult to parse the legalese and figure out where you stand. It is here that the best visa and immigration attorneys truly stand out. When you schedule a meeting with them, these visa experts will ask questions which can be used to help determine your particular status. From there, they will be able to help you figure out what steps you can take to solidify your visa or immigration status. Every case is different, but you can rest assured knowing that you have the best visa and immigration attorneys in Australia.

Eligibility Requirements

So, now you’ve determined your visa and immigration status. Now it’s time to figure out if you qualify for a visa, which in turn means taking a look at some of Australian law’s eligibility requirements. Within the context of a protective marriage visa, some of the eligibility requirements would include:

  • Your partner being an Australian citizen
  • Your partner being a permanent resident of Australia
  • Your partner being a New Zealand citizen
  • You two having met at least once
  • You two being married or having plans to get married within nine months of the date on which the protective marriage visa is to take effect

Cutting Through the Red Tape

Another obstacle some can find when applying for a protective marriage visa, simply cutting through all of the red tape. As stated, the process can be quite complex and byzantine, which is why the best visa attorneys will work to help you get the right paperwork filled out and filed as needed.

In addition, should there be a challenge to your right to stay in the country on such a status, they will work advocately for your rights in court.

Get the legal assistance that you need from the best visa and immigration attorneys in Australia.

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