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Discovering the Best of Separation Agreement

Legal marriage is officially registered in the bodies of the Civil Registry Office, at the place of residence of one of the spouses. Civil marriage, (i.e. cohabitation) citizens live together, conduct a common farm, acquire the necessary property, live together and raise common children.

What is the difference between the legal consequences of legal and civil marriage?

In the event of a dispute, the division of the common property of the spouses shall be carried out in accordance with the procedure set forth in Article 38.3 of the Criminal Code. For the right Separation Agreement you will be having the perfect option now.

If there is a dispute about the division of property among persons consisting in actual (civil) marital relations without state registration of marriage, then it is resolved in accordance with the rules on the division of property that is not in joint ownership of Article 225 of the Civil Code.

Is there any difference for a child – to grow up in a registered marriage or “civil” or not?

In material terms, there is no significant difference.

If a woman lives alone, for some time the same man comes to her, that is, he does not live with her constantly, then she is pregnant. It gives birth to a child, and this man continues to visit her, it’s a roommate, or even easier a lover. And that’s all. You can use the Power of Attorney Form.

If people do not legally register a marriage, live together and conduct a permanent farm, create a living condition for their child, and then this is a family. Even if a man somewhere has his personal property, in case of the death of the father, this child and this woman, being with him in a “civil” de facto marriage, have the right to inherit the property of the father and the civil husband.

  • For example, they lived in her apartment, and his elderly parents lived in his apartment. And when he, say, died – knocked down a car, or some manufacturing injuries, then the child and his parents will inherit in equal shares.

According to our family law, our children are the most unprotected. It’s an unfortunate contingent. They grow up in this terrible state of parental relationships, where constant fighting and drinking. And what prospect they will have, they do not understand. There are a lot of suicides of children, because children see that others live better, and they have more dolls. And after reaching despair, the child decides to die because he does not like it. For legalizing the whole process the use of the Legal Forms is important here.

And the fact that there are other people who can help, or to someone he can turn to, he does not know this. Therefore children, being even in happy well-to-do families, they, as a rule, are not protected.

Official marriage, divorce

Children, even if there are a lot of them, still live somewhere in one place, with one of their parents. What rights and responsibilities do parents have in relation to children?

It is absolutely the same and psychological education, and financial content, and emotional-physical education – parents have the same rights and responsibilities.

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