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Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Ottawa for Slip and Fall Cases in Winter

Slip and fall cases tend to increase in Ottawa during winter mainly because of the buildup of ice and snow. If you or a loved one experience an accident at a public property due to poor maintenance or negligence, a personal injury lawyer Ottawa can help. Slip and fall accidents can lead to serious injuries and you may need to recover medical expenses and other damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit. But you’ll have to show that the property owner or occupier did not take the necessary steps to keep their premises safe.

What You Are Likely To Recover

Slip and fall cases usually recover medical expenses which the property owner or even the contractor who was hired to clean the area will pay. The accident could also lead to recovery for lost wages. This will be given if it is proven that the injuries caused you to miss work or become less productive while undergoing treatment. You may also get compensation for the pain and suffering that were caused by the slip and fall injury.

How To Prove Negligence

For you to receive fair and complete compensation, you have to prove that the property occupier created the dangerous situation or failed to recognize and resolve it after seeing that someone could trip and fall in its condition. The property occupier has a duty to ensure reasonable safety to anyone who visits the premise.

Attorneys can succeed in proving the property owner’s or occupier’s negligence by showing that they knew or ought to have known that action must have been taken in order to prevent the accident from taking place. Property owners and occupiers are required to hire snow removal companies to keep their properties safe by getting rid of the snow and ice in sidewalks and parking lots. However, you also have a duty to exercise reasonable care when moving around in the property when it’s snowy or icy. If it is proven that you did not exercise reasonable care, the court may reduce your compensation or even fail to give you any. As the injured person, your own negligence will come to effect depending on the jurisdiction.

Providing Supporting Documents

When you are working with a reliable attorney, you will be advised on how to gather the right documents immediately after the accident has occurred. For instance, you may want to visit the property and take photos of how it looked at the time of the accident. Weather conditions change abruptly so don’t waste any time when it comes to collecting evidence. You want to make sure your lawyer has an idea of how the area looked during the accident. Write what happened down so that you don’t forget it. You can even talk to witnesses who can help prove your case. Get your claim filed soon after the slip and fall accident to increase your chances of getting fair and complete compensation. A good Ottawa personal injury lawyer should help you in handling the litigation.

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