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Hit and Run Collision

Whenever you had an accident and the other driver leaves the scene, then it is called as “hit and run”. Whether you were driving or someone hit your car in the parking lot making a dent on your vehicle and flees away from the scene, all circumstances can trigger a variety of emotions like anger, nervousness, and fear. You may get worried about your insurance claim also:

The first thing to do in this situation is to stay cool and calm and do not get panic.

In hit and run cases:

  1. Call 911 if someone was injured while you were in your car. Meanwhile, identify the model of the car that hit you like the model, color and license plate number (even if you remember a part of it.)
  2. Look out for the witnesses around. Try to take their contact details if they are required by police or insurance company.
  3. Take photographs of the scene where the accident took place.
  4. Report to the police within 24 hours because hit and run case is considered as a crime.
  5. If advised by the police, you will go to the nearby collision reporting center.

Take the information of the police officer like officer’s name, badge number, and phone number so your insurer can follow up. In case if you don’t report it, the incident will not be considered a “not-at-fault” loss by your insurer.

  1. Call the insurance company and provide details.

Insurance for hit and run accidents:

If your vehicle is damaged in a hit and run accident, the damage is covered under the collision section of your car insurance policy.  You will need to pay your collision deductible otherwise, you have to pay for the repair of the damage.

Will hit and run case affect the insurance premium?

If you have reported the incident of your police and your insurance company considers it a “not at fault” loss, then the collision will not affect your insurance premium.

Why it is important to contact car accident lawyers?

In the hit and run cases where the vehicle and/ or driver has not been identified and you have suffered injuries and /or damage to your vehicle, it is definitely possible to make a claim on your own auto insurance policy under uninsured/ underinsured/ unidentified motorist coverage (UMC Coverage). Pursuing this claim is complicated and requires legal input. The insurer will always instigate formal investigations and case against you to reduce its liability for your damaged.

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