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How does divorce affect your immigration status?

If you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident (Landed Immigrants), you can bring your foreign spouses or partners to be a permanent resident of Canada. In technical terms, you can sponsor your alien spouse or partner to make them a permanent resident in Canada. This is a simple process. But in some cases, you need to lawyer up. There are three types of spousal sponsorships. Mr. Matthew Jeffry, a spousal sponsorship lawyer in Toronto will help you in this process.

Spousal Sponsorship

This is the most common case that the immigration authorities receive or face. In this, the alien entity is in a marital relationship with the Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident. In this, you will require a marriage certificate to provide it has a proof to the authorities. This will show them the legality and it is easier to get the permanent resident after that.

Common-Law Partner Sponsorship

This case involves a couple who are not married but they have lived in a marriage-like relationship for a year. You do require proving that the couple has lived together at least for a year. You can proof this by showing a lease to a commonplace under both the names or a rented flat under both the heads. This is completely legal in Canada but this can be a bit complicated. This is where Mr. Jeffry comes into the limelight. He is a spousal sponsorship lawyer from Toronto.

He can suggest some methods and ways to prove your common-law relationship status.

Conjugal Partner Sponsorship

This is a really special case which was brought to the notice of the immigration authorities within some recent years. This means that the couple is in a marriage-like relationship but due to some unfortunate circumstances, they were not able to stay together for a year.

In this case, Mr. Matthew can really help you get the status. This involves some paper-work and also some complications. Those complications will be dealt with by the spousal sponsorship lawyer from Toronto.

Now, the question arises about the divorce situation after the couples have got the permanent resident status.

According to the law, you will not lose the immigration status after you get a divorce. But it varies with case to case. You really have to seek legal advice while having a divorce. Mr. Matthew Jeffry can be the one to help you out of this situation. Such a condition demands to be handled with experience.

The laws are things that you should never play with. A lawyer understands the law and makes the right decision for you. Mr. Matthew Jeffry, the spousal sponsorship lawyer from Toronto can be the best choice for you while seeking your partner an immigration status in Canada.

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