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Judge Leaders By Their Actions

Casual observers frequently judge the performance of somebody in leadership according to their speeches and concepts. However, the potency of an innovator must only be judged on actions taken, and also the effectiveness and vitality of individuals actions. There’s an old Japanese proverb that states, “Vision without action is really a daydream. Action without vision is really a nightmare.”

Regrettably, too many of individuals in positions of leadership appear to equate rhetoric with effective action. However, empty rhetoric, regardless of how well intentioned, never accomplishes most of the needed actions. Much more disturbing, however, might be the rhetoric still expresses no vision, but frequently is really a mere recital of populist- type terms, with little true meaning or applicability. There are lots of things needed for an individual inside a leadership position to get a highly effective leader.

1. Marie Curie mentioned, “There is nothing existence will be feared. It is just to become understood.” However, regrettably, a number of these individuals fear a lot of things, as well as their fear frequently “paralyzes” them from any kind of viable action. Fearful leaders rarely express an image, simply because they prefer “straddling a fence,Inch and letting another person “embark on the limb,” going for a true position. Effective leaders should always possess the courage of the convictions, go outdoors their safe place and expand it, and do whatever is essential to strongly invest regarding important matters.

2. When controling many leaders for more than 30 years, I’ve observed many who have excellent, fresh and innovative ideas. However, most these, while getting a great vision, are generally reluctant or not able to change their vision for an actionable reality, thus making their vision nothing more than an unfulfilled dream.

3. I’ve also seen too many types of individuals in leadership positions that either do something, or fail to do this, within an frequently apparently aimless manner, without any true vision for his or her organization, nor any essential actionable goals, to steer them. When one functions with no vision, he frequently takes action inside a vacuum, and therefore doesn’t do something included in a general plan. However, much more dire situations occur when one fails to do this when action is required, frequently due to anxiety about being unpopular or even the lack of ability to sufficient cause to consider a stand. Much more damaging results came about due to unqualified leaders inclination to procrastinate, particularly when a prompt fact is needed.

4. Some leaders only talk- the- talk, when clearly it’s important just to walk- the- walk. These folks focus on stalling, rarely transforming any idea into action.

Whenever we evaluate and select the performance of the leader, it’s frequently a good idea to relate his words to his deeds, and therefore evaluating his performance. The very best intentions without action, and action with no plan, frequently both result in undesirable results, and ramifications.

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