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Level Up in Your Legal Career

Looking for lawyers has never been easy: any firm interested in expanding, needs to consider how the new person will fit into not only their present plans but also their future plans as well. All potential hires must therefore be looked at in terms of not only what they can do now, but also what they can contribute in the future. As most firms lack experience in hiring lawyers, or simply do not have time, they generally require a third party in the form of legal headhunting agencies to help them find the best candidates. That third party can help in screening potential employees for the firm who will be able to expand the legal practice’s range of expertise and therefore help expand their business into those fields as well.


Most law firms recognize that they will have at least four levels of legal expertise, and that they need to fill those levels in order succeed as a business. At the bottom are paralegals, experts in the basics of law and capable of compiling research and completing forms for the firm.This positiondoes not require too much education, but they do nonetheless fill an important niche; they do all of the grunt-work so that the lawyers can concentrate on dealing with clients and cases. The next step up in the chain is rank-and-file lawyers, legal representative that deal with clients and handle the more basic cases, a vital proving ground for young lawyers. Next are the specialists, those that have taken on particular legal niche and whose experience in that niche can prove invaluable. Lastly, there is the tier of partner, the leaders of the firm that not only handle the biggest cases but also determine the future of the firm.

The lower three tiers may seem reasonably easy to fill, but any practice will nonetheless benefit from having access to someone who can help them screen future employees, such an experienced headhunting agency like The Heller Group that specializes in legal representatives. The recruiting agencyin this case can handle the most difficult aspects of hiring, such as acquiring resumes, performing preliminary interviews, while allowing the firm to concentrate more on law. Optimize your hiring process by hiring an established recruiting agency for your next vacancy.

Most firms have a reasonably steady stable of lawyers; once a lawyer is hired they usually stay on for a reasonable amount of time. This means that most law firms lack experience when it comes to hiring, as they are not required to do so as often as other businesses. Also, a firm that is in an expansion phase requires some help in determining the best plan for that expansion; a headhunter can be invaluable in helping to determine that plan. As such, law firms should embrace the recruiters that they have available to them, and take advantage of their services so that they have not only the best employees, but also the best practice. A little advice that can lead to great things is always worth seeking out, and lawyers should appreciate that more than anyone else.

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