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Make Use of your Compensation Rights When You Get Injured at Work

Accidents and mishaps are inevitable. They can take place at any place and time.  If you do get injured at work, then you can make use of your compensation rights. Every company provides its employees with compensation benefits which can be utilized as and when required.

Know Your Rights

Different states have different laws. When it comes to compensation rights, you need to understand the details.  Many people are of the belief that they can sue the company in case of work-related injuries and at the same time demand compensation from them.

 You might want to get in touch with your HR and understand the eligibility for using your workers compensation rights. Law under the compensation rights states that an employee can demand compensation from the company, but cannot sue them.

Secondly, not all work-related injuries will be considered for compensation. If the employee was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, that might have caused the injury, they will not be eligible for worker’s compensation.  If the injury was self inflicted or caused while violating the company law, these will also not be eligible under workers compensation.

Workers compensation does cover:

  • Compensation for permanent injuries such as amputation or disability caused by the injury
  • If the employee or worker has lost their life, their survivors will be entitled for the compensation

Seek Medical Attention Right Away

If you do meet with an accident at work, you might need to see a doctor right away. Workers compensation will pay for your medical bills. Many a times, the company might suggest you doctors. If not, you can consult your own doctor and see if these are covered by your company or health insurance.

Keep all your medical bills safe, till you receive the compensation. You might need to produce all your reports and prescription at the time of filing the claim.

Other factors that you might need to take into consideration in case of injury include:

  • Ensure that you report the injury to your supervisor right away
  • Know what type of injury can be claimed under workers compensation
  • Specific types of injuries require special attention to deal with them
  • See to it that your employer has filed for compensation on your behalf
  • Ask for the copy of your claim as proof

If you fail to inform your supervisor about your injury in writing, you might lose your right to claim for workers compensation.

Hire an Attorney

If you company does not cooperate with you, you can always hire a lawyer to fight for your cause.  This might be a bit tricky. If you do not do your research, you might end up with non-credible lawyers who might charge you a bomb, but might not live up to your expectations.

A better option here would be to go in for a free consultation. Discuss the case with the lawyer and see how well they answer your queries.


Workers compensation is your right and you should not hesitate to ask for it. Your employer cannot retaliate or fire you for filing a compensation claim.

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