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Most Common Causes of Divorce Among Millennials

There are a number of reasons as to why people seek divorce. In married life, everyday there is some issue over which the couple may end up fighting, arguing or even accusing each other. There are not one, but a hundred reasons for people wanting a divorce. There are even cases when women become victims of threats and physical assaults. After suffering for years and years, they finally break their silence and seek advice from domestic abuse attorney and domestic violence attorney. However, if husbands and wives sit and think clearly then maybe they can get to the root cause of the problem between them. There are various reasons as to why problems happen after marriage and lead to divorce.

Financial Discourse

It can happen for many reasons: one spouse works, the other does not, one spouse controls more of the spending than the other, spending is unexplained, or any number of financial transactions is questionable. Money is one of the main reasons couples fight, whether its over a simple misunderstanding, a lack of communication, or a large purchase. If money fights continue on a regular basis, they can easily become one of the causes of divorce.


One of the most painful causes for divorce is adultery. One or both partners may find another person and become too heavily involved with them. In an effort to hide the potential fall out and protect the other spouse, the cheating spouse usually covers his or her tracks. Sooner or later, the spouse gets caught or confesses out of guilt or desire to move forward with life with the new partner. Not all cases of adultery lead to divorce, however.


Drug or alcohol use, or other forms of addiction such as sex or gambling, are among one of the leading causes of divorce. No matter what the spouse’s poison is, it can create major problems for the marriage on many levels. The addicted spouse may spend too much money funding the addiction, may lie to find a way back to the addiction, and generally will make the non-addicted spouse fell unwanted, unloved, and unappreciated. In cases where the addicted spouse does not or is not willing to get help to combat the issue, this generally leads to divorce.

Physical/Mental/Verbal Abuse

Abuse is tough no matter what form it takes. While the abused partner may continue going back to their spouse, sooner or later the abuse gets to be more than he or she can bear. In particularly dangerous situations of domestic violence, it is very important for the abused spouse to get out of the situation. Depending on the severity of the situation, simply getting the abuser the help he or she needs may not be enough to save the marriage.

The right phoenix divorce lawyers for men has to have a couple things in order to win. They don’t need to be sneaky, but they do have to be attentive. Attorneys need to know the divorce laws for your state really well. They also have to be willing to fight for you in court. There are some judges that are still firmly entrenched in the last era where women are the victims in divorce, and this makes it harder for the man.

Before letting the causes of divorce rip a marriage apart, if at all possible, the couple should seek the necessary counseling. At least trying to fix the marriage through several outlets is better than jumping right to divorce. It is important to remember that while you fell in love and agreed to spend the rest of your lives together, things change and people change, so if divorce seems to be the best option, take it only as a last resort. Consider the divorce laws in your state of residence before making any final decisions.

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