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The Most Common Reasons of Suit Against an Employer

Why Does an Employer Face the Employee Litigation?

The US government has meant a number of employment laws in order to protect the right of employees. Beside the strict employment law, around 12% small scale to medium size businesses are litigated every year in the USA. The companies with less than 500 workers are more likely to be sued, the sue rate is around 20%.  If you are one of them who are considering suing your employer, honestly speaking, it has never been as easy as it seems. But you can get assistance from unpaid wages lawyer Los Angeles to know about the likelihood of the success.

There are diverse numbers of grounds that are responsible for employee litigation; some of them are rationalized under:

  • Minimum Wage and Hour Violations

When an employer does not pay the minimum wages or overtime pay to the company’s workers, the employer can be sued under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). If you want to know more about this law and want to litigate your employer, you can get a free consultation from unpaid wages lawyer Los Angeles.

  • Workplace Injury Due to Employer Negligence

On job injuries can place anywhere on the construction sites and dangerous zones. Usually, on the job injuries are covered under the employees’ compensation.  But in some circumstances, you can sue your employer include toxic substance, third party negligence, faulty products or intended accidents caused by the employer.

  • Harassment and Unreceptive Work Environments

Harassment not only related to sexual harassment, it can be any type moreover, may be done from anybody on the workplace like a coworker, client or supervisor. But if the employer does not address the worker’s problem and does not take a strict action, in such cases there are more chances to sue the employer.

  • Wrongful Termination due to Discrimination

Wrongful terminations are difficult to prove, but possible. When an employer is terminated due to discrimination, only in this situation employer may be legislated. Moreover, if the worker is bullied by a direct supervisor or a manager, the worker is allowed to sue for Bad Boss behavior.

Get a Free Assessment of Your Case

IF you are facing any of the above mentioned problems in your workplace, it is advisable to hire a good attorney who can protect your on job right and help to provide justice. For a free consultation feel free to get in touch with Dadgostar Law LLP law firm.

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