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Three Steps to Take after Being Involved in a Multiple-Vehicle Accident

Vehicle crashes can be upsetting for those who are involved and create complicated medical, personal, and legal problems. However, these issues can sound almost unbearable when an accident involves more than two vehicles. As the chaos is amplified, determining who is at fault and making insurance claims can be more complex. If a car crash that involves many drivers leaves you injured, you will take the same steps as for any vehicle accident, although with some tweaks. These include:

Seek Medical Attention

After a car accident that involves many drivers, you want to evaluate your condition. If you have been injured, seek medical attention right away. If your injury is not serious enough to prohibit you from moving, evaluate your situation to see if somebody is seriously hurt. If so, help them seek immediate medical attention if you can by calling 911.

Collect Evidence when You can

Despite the chaos that’s taking place because of the multiple-car crash, try to start gathering evidence. If you cannot do this by yourself, ask a favor from a bystander or passenger who is at the scene. Take videos or photos of the scene using your smartphone. Because there are many cars involved, the police may gather statements from witnesses and contact information.

Document your account of the accident, what happened, and what could have caused the accident such as a detour, road debris or inclement weather. Also, try to sketch important information associated with the accident’s scene such as how the cars involved are positioned, where the accident took place and where any obstacles are placed. Depending on the severity of your injuries, your memories may fade away quickly and you want to ensure you have documented everything before you forget things.

File a Claim

While you may want to check on others and begin to apologize, you want to ensure you don’t give the other parties involved the chance to assume that you are at fault in the accident. Avoid saying a lot and when an officer interviews you, make sure you provide concise answers to their questions. In car accidents that involve more than two vehicles, determining who is at fault is more complicated than ordinary two-car crashes. Certainly, you don’t want people to think you are admitting that you caused the accident. Working with an experienced personal injury lawyer ensures that you get a fair compensation for your injuries after identifying the driver who is at fault.

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