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Unfavourable WSIB Claim? Appeal It!

There are many questions that we may ask ourselves after we become injured at work. Are they treating me fairly? How am I going to pay my bills? Why are they blaming me when it wasn’t my fault? Filing a claim for a workplace injury can be stressful and difficult for anyone, especially after they have undergone a severe injury.


In Ontario, every workplace insurance claim goes through the Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB), where the burden of proof falls on the injured, something that is not always easy depending on the extent of your injuries. Canadian law can be difficult to understand in its entirety, particularly when you are trying to navigate the murky waters of a workplace insurance claim alone. Many workplaces use the hazy guidelines and legal speak to their advantage so that they don’t have to pay out in the event of an injury – oftentimes employees are treated unfairly and receive less than they deserve for their suffering and pain.

If you were injured on the job you need to remember that, no matter what, you deserve compensation benefits. Unfortunately, it is a known fact that employers usually have their insurance company file the initial injury claim for them, but within a certain guideline that benefits them not you.

If you have already filed a claim and it was denied, or you were given only a fraction of what you requested, don’t despair – you can still file an appeal and win your case. If you feel that your case was unfair, call an Ontario, Canada lawyer such as the Goodman Law Group, based out of Toronto, to review your case. If the attorney you choose feels you are entitled to more compensation, they will assist you in filing an appeal. By having Goodmanlawgroup.ca on your side, you will have all the laws and guidelines within your reach.

What should I expect from an appeal?

  • They will review your initial claim.
  • If there is something amiss, they will catch it.
  • If your lawyer finds an important fact that was not presented the first time, they will take it into consideration.
  • There is no jury.
  • There will be more than one judge hearing your case.

When filing an appeal, it is important to review everything you can remember with your lawyer – if you have any notes from the incident, you should bring them with you. Your legal representation will also have access to the initial file as well. At this time, your attorney will evaluate any extra findings that may help your case and they may ask you some questions that you can only answer in order to help them build a case on your behalf. Your lawyer may even hire a private investigator to collect more evidence on your behalf, if they feel it is warranted. You should expect a court hearing after you have filed the appeal, where new judges will hear your case will review your case as well as the information provided by your employer.

If your initial workplace injury was denied, don’t despair – get an Ontario, Canada legal representative to represent your case and win you what you deserve in the appeals process!

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